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The Martinson Group
Our goal is to breed and raise Border Collies that will be successful in whatever canine pursuits you desire, whether it is in the show ring, obedience, agility, herding, or as your companion. Our wish is that our dogs to be a joy to have in your home and lead long, healthy, productive lives. Our foundation stock comes from Tonalee Border Collies and Lochinbrae Border Collies. Their pedigrees carry world-renowned Australian, New Zealand, and English import lines - most notably Clan-Abby, Maghera, Charttop and Crestvale.

We feel it is our responsibility to the breed to maintain high standards for soundness, intelligence, temperament, herding instinct and correctness of type. These are all requirements needed for the Border Collie to perform the tasks it was originally bred for. These traits are more important than ever now Border Collies are being used for such a variety of work. Basically, we are striving to breed dogs that can do anything as well as exemplify the breed standards that define this versatile dog.

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